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Here are some of the things our guests have said about us



"We love it here - home from home. Vicky and Steph's cooking is so inviting and you cope so well with our awkward diets!
Love the re-vamped rooms! Thank you for all your care. xx

From North Wales, Somerset and Brighton.

We have all really enjoyed a lovely family get together here. Rooms and centre very comfortable. Such a peaceful place. Thank you so much. T.

A nice surprise, waiting on the wall when we came in on the morning of the 26th!

"Thank you so much for making a space for our therapeutic retreat.....

"The space at the centre and the variety of spaces led to the most harmonious and congenial and enjoyable retreat we have ever had......

"We all feel refreshed and the young people agreed with me that spaces are created in your mind after such experiences of physical spaces combined with reflection and belonging....."

- Sheila Melzak, Clinical Director, The Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile

"I really enjoyed the holiday. I will never forget the beautiful garden. It was big and there were many trees and this reminded me of the Oromo tree the Oda tree. The Oda tree has a story that people have to respect all trees and not cut them down or burn them. They have to look after the tree. The tree smells very good and if you eat the fruit you get iron from the fruit.


"I love trees and I loved the retreat and I hope we can come next year again. I am AS and I love the Baobab group..."


AS Sept 2015

"For someone like me who is depressed, it is good to be outside with friends. I was really happy and delighted about this trip because it gave me lots of relief.  It was good to learn a lot of things.  There were lots of different people and different feelings and we all respected each other.  I think it was good for me.  Being with people in the same boat and leaving our stress outside and feeling good and happy for life.  I've been through bad things and the retreat made me feel good and calmed me and made me strong.

"The reason why I liked this trip was I met people who have been in the same situation as me and when I saw a smile come on their face I felt really relieved. I liked the place because of the environment, with good views, fresh breeze and also the rooms. Everywhere was perfect for a retreat."

Further information about the Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile

"Thankyou so much for a lovely stay. The food was delicious and the staff so friendly and welcoming. The rooms were lovely and comfortable and the grounds tranquil. An ideal place to feel nurtured on our yoga retreat."

Member of staff:
"We really did find a gem when we came across your lovely accommodation. We loved the residential block and the gardens outside were just beautiful.

"Thanks to you and your team for all your efficiency from the initial booking right to the wonderful catering! Nothing was too much trouble and you all made us feel very welcome."

"We love the Barn's Centre. It's very nice here. It's been like staying in a big park. We've been very well looked after and homemade lasagne was beautiful! Hope we can come and stay again! Thankyou."

Also a repeat visitor. This facility would make a great venue for a scholars retreat, where a group of collaborators could work together without the distractions. Only improvement would be better internet for bringing in any experts necessary to help the group. [We'll hook you up to the Ethernet next time, Mike! A lot faster than wi-fi!] Staff were very helpful, accommodation's very nice.

Mike Gorman, Director, Science, Technology & Science, University of Virginia

Visit No. 9! We look forward so much to our yearly event, and are never disappointed with the warmth of the welcome, the excellent food, and the general ambience. The accommodation block is looking great with the new decorations. Thank you very much for looking after us so well.

Maureen, Sonya, Jackie, Mo, Sam, Timi, Eileen & Simon

Thank you very much for yet another memorable visit. The new decorations are delightful, the bedrooms comfortable. The facilities, the kitchen in particular, were as ever much appreciated - we felt welcome. We wish you well and hope to return soon if you'll have us!

"Dear Jo, and team, thank you for creating such a beautiful space to welcome us this weekend. I particularly appreciated the care in all the little details. It's a joy to have everything held so that we could get on with the work we were here to do. THANK YOU!!"

Alice Sheldon, The Partnership Parent
April 2015

"I really enjoy the welcoming atmosphere here. Everything just so well fitted and supported my workshop where we did deep healing work. And the rooms are wonderful, beautiful, soft and the bed simply embraced me when I turned in"

Kirsten from Denmark
April 2015