Since its foundation in 1966, the Planned Environment Therapy Trust (PETT) has worked to support therapeutic approaches to the treatment of children and adults who have suffered severe emotional and psychological hurts.  From our base at the Barns Centre in Toddington we continue to develop and promote work and ideas essential to therapeutic practice and to nurturing therapeutic environments.

circleWe work to raise awareness and understanding of this important way of living, learning and growing - of the healing potential of the individual and group relationships that can exist in environments consciously planned to achieve therapeutic ends. We encourage and support recording, research, discussion and training in a variety of therapeutic approaches, especially those associated with 'therapeutic communities': places where all the resources of a thoughtfully created environment, the shared living experience, and above all the enormous healing potential of relationships, are brought together for therapeutic ends.

Working alongside therapeutic schools and communities, past and present, and striving to support and expand these networks, we are a dynamic enterprise supporting our lively archive, library and oral history programmes with purpose built residential & conference facilities.

We maintain an extensive and growing archive, research library and study centre, and through building our own programme of conferences and events, workshops and seminars, as well as supporting others', we aim to bring people together in a setting where experience, ideas and learning can be shared and better understood to make a difference to those children and adults who are suffering from traumatic and damaging experiences.