Sparkle Designs: 

25% of every sale goes to support the Planned Environment Therapy Trust!


Sparkle Jewellery Designs, or SJ Designs for short, is run by Jenny and Sue, who are daughters of Arthur 'Bunny' Barron - one of the founders of the Trust, whose pioneering work with 'maladjusted' children is archived at PETT.

"We have a passion for jewellery.  We love designing unique and affordable items inspired by the beauty of the landscape of South West England.  We are also the daughters of Arthur 'Bunny' Barron, whose pioneering work is archived at PETT. We would like to contribute to the valuable work at PETT, particularly as we saw much of it 'in action' throughout our childhoods."

"As children growing up we visited many of the schools Arthur was involved with, met many of the people whose names are renowned in the field, and were both born at Starhurst, a home for evacuees after the war, which he ran with our mother. Jenny, as the eldest, remembers being pushed around in an old pram by the boys at Starhurst, usually accompanied by a rabbit or two and Bono the faithful dog.

"At Hawkspur the philosophy had been to heal through self-sufficiency, and although this was before our time, we were both brought up with encouragement to make things for ourselves. Sue always loved colour, pattern and design; both of us were always knitting, sewing or making something.

We ran a textile business for a while and Dad supported it in every way. We know he would be thrilled to see Sue's talent shining in the exquisite jewellery she makes entirely by hand. Jenny says, 'anyone can thread beads, but few can produce the variety, symmetry and colour-combinations which make her designs so beautiful'.

Donating 25% of sales to PETT provides us with the ideal opportunity to support it in furthering the important work started by Arthur Barron and others like him.

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