brynandjohnBryn Purdy, founder and 'care-taker' of Rowen House (Robert Owen Unschool) called in to PETT to say hello on Tuesday.  Greatly influenced by the ideas of Homer Lane and A.S. Neill's work at Summerhill, Bryn has written several publications including A.S.Neill:Bringing happiness to some few children and Girls will be Grils, about his own work and experience.

Just 'passing through' Bryn had brought with him some personal material to be donated to the archive. Whilst he was here, however, we took the opportunity to record a conversation between him and former PETT Executve Director, John Cross.  

A fascinating interview took place as each recalled and compared their experiences of working with 'maladjusted' children, and questioned and explored the inspiration and ideas behind their work.  A truly remarkable and unexpected meeting!