"This still being early on in my first full year as Executive Director of PETT, I thought that I would take the opportunity through the medium of our newly relaunched richwebsite to offer my warm greetings and very best wishes to everyone who visits us here online and at our base in Toddington . In one way or another many of you have long been interested in and involved with us  to promote the treatment of emotionally troubled people within carefully planned environments and to preserve the historical “records”of such settings, including that crucial treasure, people's own memories of living, working, learning and growing in such environments.

I am also keen to take this opportunity of our website relaunch to invite your continuing involvement with us at PETT – to what I believe will be our great mutual and collective benefit. To achieve our aim of enabling PETT to become a vital communications hub and home base for all those committed to planned therapeutic approaches to group living we need your active support in many ways, including [but, as you know, far from only] financial.

Given the nature of the task and current economic realities, on our own we'll never be able to broaden and deepen our supportive engagement with Communities and their people past, present and to come.  Yet with your continuing concern, interest and participation as essential elements in PETT's transition and development we shall be able to do a great deal towards that goal, and indeed much more.

I do hope that we shall see many of you this year both here at Toddington and when we are “out on the road”. And may this year of 2012 prove to be healthy, peaceful and genuinely “productive” for us all."

  Richard Rollinson