February 2012 



Caldecott Community fieldwork. Gemma spent three days visiting and interviewing former community members and visiting Mersham-le-Hatch, Kent, where the community was based form 1945.

(Pictured: Gemma in 'the Deer Park' - can you just make out Mersham-le-Hatch in the background?!)  


March 2012


trinity4       performace3


MAL-ER-JUH'S-TED, the dramatic multi-media piece performed at Trinity School. Mini-Archive Weekend based around performance of "MAL-ER-JUH'S-TED"
(Pictured left: Interactive performance focusing on the art and creative elements of therapeutic communities. Right: a scene from the Audio-Visual display)


April 2012


Craig picked former Mulberry Bush School student David Redford-Green him up from his home in London, and on April 5th returned and paid an emotional visit to the school.



Spring newsletter published


May 2012


instacam 2012-05-31 10-07-35-pm-1


Rich joins CCHN Board meeting to discuss present and future of PETT Community of Communities Annual Forum 2012. Rich and Gemma attended with a PETT exhibition stall. May 31, 2012.

(Pictured: Rich Rollinson surrounded by brochures, newsletters and PETT folders!)



waw patmatt


Wennington School Archive 'Weekend' 5 days (Pictured left: the group enjoy a trans-Atlantic Skype call with a former pupil of Ledstone School.  (Pictured right:  Pat Mitchell works with Archivist Matt naylor to catalogue the Wennington collection)




Caldecott Community Archive 'Weekend' 3 days (Pictured: Former Children from the Community look through the Caldecott photograph albums)


June 2012




Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG) Sixth Annual Conference. Attended by Craig, Chris and Gemma as well as Trinity Students and Staff. Presentation about OPC by Trinity and collection of 'The Most Impactful Community Archive 2011' award. (Pictured L-R:  Flora, Mark, Matt, drama teacher Verity Naughton and PETT administrator Chris Long with the CAHG award)


July 2012




Celebration of John Armstrong at the Mulberry Bush School. Attended by Rich, Gemma and Craig. Exhibition materials provided by PETT, organised by Rich and recorded and filmed by Craig and Gemma. July 6th, 2012. (Pictured: Scottish dancers perform in tribute to John)




Trust's Annual Open Day, July 1 (Pictured:  Executive Driector Richard Rollinson and PETT Archivist Craig Fees give a short presentation on the work of the Trust)



BBC Great Gloucestershire History Day: Craig, Chris and Gemma were invited by BBC and the HLF to hold a publicity stand at the History Fair at Gloucester City Museum. July 7.

(Pictured: the PETT stall! Not pictured: Craig in his cowboy hat)

Gemma at "Oral History and the Community" seminar at University of Warwick, July 9, 2012.


craolyn10            cmtrinitygroup640
Carolyn Mears at Trinity Catholic School. Craig presents school with copy of Dmitry Morozov's book on Kitezh. Afternoon: ATA-style event at PETT. July 10, 2012.

Carolyn Mears and Gemma to Mulberry Bush School. July 11, 2012. 

(Pictured left: Carolyn Mears with John Diamond outside the Mulberry Bush School.  Picture right: Carolyn Mears at Trinity School, L-R:  Matt, Stephen Steinhaus (Assistant Principal), Carolyn, Verity Naughton (Teacher), Flora, Craig Fees)



Oral History Society Conference 'Displaced Childhoods'. As one of the organisers of the two-day conference, Craig chaired the opening and closing sessions, and a large group discussion in the middle; Chris and Gemma both gave papers, joined in their session by Stephen Steinhaus of Trinity Catholic School and "Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children" project. July 13-14, 2012.


August 2012




Former pupils' day at the Mulberry Bush School. Attended by Rich, Craig, Gemma, Matt and Chris. Exhibition boards and materials from the archive taken by PETT. August 31, 2012. (Pictured:  BBQ on the lawn at the Mulberry Bush - and what a beautiful sunny day it was!)


September 2012




Toddington Country Fayre - a chance to meet our local community in Gloucestershire (Pictured: Chris Long and Jo Jansen)

'Understanding Parenting: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives’ conference, University of Warwick. Presentation by Gemma Geldart about 'Therpaeutic Living with Other People's Children'

Chris Long attended a Gloucester Media Networking Meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse and took part in a GAVCA (Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary and Community Action) networking and fundraising-training meeting at Tewkesbury.

Wennington Old Scholars AGM, Thorner nr. Leeds. Attended by Craig. September 22, 2012.



Caldecott Reunion and AGM, attended by Craig, Gemma and Chris and over 30 people from the Caldecott Association. September 2, 2012.





Autumn Newsletter published


October 2012


liverpool1      liverpool2


'Child Migration: Lessons for Today'. CCHN conference at the Merseyside MaritimeMuseum. Attended by Rich, Craig, Gemma and Chris. Administration by Chris, and technical support from Craig. Stall with PETT brochures. Recorded by team. Liverpool, October 15, 2012. (Pictured Left: panel discussion.  Pictured Right: The Albert Dock)


Mulberry Bush School AGM and Celebration for Life of Barbara Dockar-Drysdale. Attended by Rich, Craig and Matt. We recorded. October 19, 2012


adamgreen kevingallagher cynthiabrown davidkennard Steph2


PETTATHON fundraising fortnight. October 1-15, 2012

(Pictured: A few of our friends who contributed guest blogs during the PETTATHON. L-R Adam Green, Archivist and Trustee; Kevin Gallagher, MD CPALimited (psychological support services) and TCTC (The Consortium of Therpaeutic Communities) Vice Chair; Cynthia Brown, Oral Historian and 'super-crafter' who made and donated this year's Christmas cards; David Kennard, psychotherapist and contributor to the PETT Bi-Blog; Stephanie McMahon, CooperRiis Therapeutic Community)


November 2012


PETT Newsletter W2012


Winter newsletter published - Have you got your copy yet?  Drop us a line if you'd like to receive one!


Cottage 6       Cottage2

Matt Naylor weekend in Scotland collecting more archives for the Richard Crocket Collection


December 2012




(Pictured: Back Row L-R: Richard Rollinson (Executive Director), Simon (Maintenence), Craig Fees (Archivist and Development Officer)

Middle Row: Jo Jansen (Conference Admin), Maureen Ward (Trust Secretary), Gemma Geldart (Oral History and Communications), Chris Long (Admin and Internal Events)

Front Row:  Vicky Theyer (Catering), John Cross (Trustee), Stephanie Ward (Housekeeping), Matt Naylor (Collections Archivist)


Merry Christmas from all of us at PETT.  Hope to see lots of you in 2013....