Oh my goodness this shall be missed


wauk 2018 12 10

The phone camera can't capture it, but even so: What a path to start to work on!
The White Lady of Toddington is visible in the distance, over the gate.


And over another gate, here it is again. (One of my favourite blog-posts of all time is "Reasons to Visit Toddington: The White Lady")
A dog to pet further along the road, and then another.
The start of the day is complete.

wauk white lady


And along with all this is the pleasure of walking-to-work songs, the odd cow looking up.
Today's is best sung as a round, with at least three people singing:


We honour ourselves in honouring the past

We honour the present by honouring the past

We honour the present by honouring the future

We honour the the future by honouring the present 

We honour the future by honouring the past 

We honour the past by honouring the future

We honour...(etc)


The walk today ends at the Kaki Tree. The artist/creator Jonathan Adamson rang last week to say to keep an eye on the tree and its sculpture: Sometime, at this time of year, their shadows should merge, to form one. But, this being England, by the time I arrive on the field the sky is a melee of cloud.


"Without light there are no shadows.

Without shadows there is no marking of time"


But I reckon it will have to be an evening sun anyway.

December 10, 2018