A phone call out of the blue, a drive out into the Cotswolds, a phenomenal addition to the Archives.

2018 048


Claire Baron's original notes for her powerful and influential research on the Paddington Day Hospital. Engaged and challenged by Helen Spandler's 2006 "Asylum to Action: Paddington Day Hospital, Therapeutic Communities and Beyond", Claire Baron's 1987 book "Asylum to Anarchy"  is one of the few genuine classics in therapeutic community research and literature - grounded in participant observation as well as primary and secondary research, it remains seminal and provocative. And now, joining material from Claire's 2010 gift to the archives (accession 2010.098), the roots of that disturbing and disruptive research are gathered into the Archive for the use of future researchers.

They are supported in the Archive collections by Richard Crocket's archives (Richard Crocket was the psychiatrist appointed to take the helm of the Paddington Day Hospital in 1977-79 during the final Inquiry. There are also Craig Fees' recorded interviews with Dr. Crocket).

They are supported by other material as well, including a group of papers given by Jan Lees (accession 2000.007); material from Helen Spandler's research, including recorded interviews with principles and particpants; unpublished presentations at the 1979 Windsor Conference (in both Stuart Whiteley's Collection, and R.D Hinshelwood's Collection); and the minutes of the Association of Therapeutic Communities AGM in 1975, held at the Paddington Day Hospital (and found in both R.D. Hinshelwood's and Josephine Lomax-Simpson's Collections). An intrepid researcher is bound to find more, if only among the newsletters and ephemeral literature which are held in the Archive and Library.

Such as these: Among the research notes and materials which form part of accession 2018.048


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Very exciting times to come for someone.