Anniversaries are always difficult to pinpoint: Like children, institutions and organisations have long formative periods before the gates open, and even then things are uncertain: The Mulberry Bush School is generally dated from its formal recognition by the State in 1948, but the earliest child's record gives the admission as 1947. And what about the Cassel Hospital? Founded and endowed by Ernst Cassel in 1919, it came alive when it admitted patients in 1921. After the Second World War it became one of the pioneering beacons of therapeutic community, with dynamic teams of nurses and psychiatrists - people such as Doreen Wedell and Eileen Skellern, Malcolm Pines and the Hospital's Director, Tom Main. With influential others.

These images are part of a group of eleven undated photographic slides which came to the Archive in 1999. Was the Cassel 80 then, or did it still have two years to go? Is the Cassel a hundred next year, or do we wait until 2021?

But these images and others, along with recordings, blueprints and diagrams, and published and unpublished documents from the Archive's holdings are likely to be part of the celebrations, whenever they're held. Relish and enjoy.


1999 017 0

The note on the brown envelope in which the slides came


1997 017 010 1999 017 09 slide

"Cassel Group
Tom Doreen, Eileen
Betty etc"


1997 017 006 1999 017 06 slide
  "Eileen Skellern
& Dr. Malcolm Pines"


1997 017 011 1999 017 11 slide
  "J.R. Rees"