Today, September 29, 2018: Hosting a Council meeting of SEBDA, the Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association. SEBDA began life in 1951 as the Association of Workers for Maladjusted Children, or AWMC. We have a rich array of AWMC/SEBDA materials, including recordings of annual David Wills Lectures, photographs, and formal archives. Among them is this 1971 letter from Red Hill School founder and AWMC Chair Otto Shaw to Robert Laslett. Robert was an immensely important and influential PETT Trustee, and founding spark for the Archive and Study Centre. His influence in SEBDA and within the field of therapeutic child care more generally is indicated by his commemoration with David Wills in the annual SEBDA Wills/Laslett Lecture.

And look at those founding names!


sa awmc 26 01

sa awmc 26 02


Where is the biography for all these people?