A morning walk in to this phenomenally beautiful place; a long phone call from Len Clarke with updates on all the amazing adventures of the Early Pestalozzi Children Project, as it grows and blooms, and later from Peter Agulnik about the Oxford Project; Brian Sibley's magisterial adaptation for radio of "Lord of the Rings" on one of its annual plays; and such a variety in the collections handled just today as to beggar belief, including (All worth a close look. They come from several collections):

tenterden front

tenterden back


2015 078 01 boys town

2015 078 01 toddingtonmanor

2015 078 01 mulberrybush40th

2015 078 01 bodenhamgames

2017 014 rationbook

2017 014 rationstamps

2017 014 plane


And at the end of the day, after all of that amazing stuff and more, I have something like this to look forward to on the walk home:



and this: