Thursday May 18th to Tuesday May 23rd

Always an adventure, the Wennington Archive Weekend is several weeks in the preparation, and a week or two in the decompression. With a 24 hour conference built into the pivot point of Saturday to Sunday afternoon, it was even more lively than usual.

There was so much going on that we took surprisingly few pictures of the working element of the Weekend itself, and have had to rely on one or two others for some of the photographs below (thanks particularly to Sam Doncaster). It was very busy.


richard and clock

The week begins: Richard Pemble fixes the Donald Garrod clock.

Okay, here are some stats:

      • 1 Archive Weekend (6 days!)
      • 1 Conference with inaugural Wennington Lecture by Prof. Judith Suissa and Dr. Emile Bojesen (35 participants over two days; much good food)
      • 1 Evening Interview with live music: An Audience with the magnificent Hylda Sims
      • 1 Sculpture erected in grounds
      • 1 oral history interview
      • 3 New recordings by Assistant Archivist Jen Galloway
      • 4 Sunday Evening talks by Brian Hill transcribed
      • 5 Video recordings of conference sessions
      • 9 Audio recordings by Archivist Craig Fees
      • 10 Photographs by Wenningtonian Sam Doncaster
      • 54 Scans of documents and photographs
      • 118 Photographs by the Archive team
      • Almost Infinite progress on transcription of original manuscript of Kenneth Barnes' Energy Unbound
      • Infinite possibilities for the future!

richardp jen debra

 Volunteer Debra Lyons, Richard Pemble, and assistant Archivist Jen Galloway gather together
to make discoveries and solve problems.


fimding onesself

Discovery or problem?: Richard with himself.




But it is not all problem-solving, self-discovery, scanning and repairing


vicky and arlene

 The beating heart of any Wennington Archive Weekend: The kitchen:
Vicky and Arlene changing the world a smile, a meal, and a cake at a time



Andy Brighton and archivist Craig Fees (honouring late Wenningtonian Tom James
with the inevitable Wennington Archive Weekend shorts), at serious play.



 With project roots in the 2013 Wennington Archive Weekend, Len and Will of the Early Pestalozzi Children Project
bring Wenningtonians up to date, and grow the project further with feedback and insights.



Preparing for a transatlantic - indeed, a transcontinental! - linkage.
Tomorrow: The Common Roots 2017 conference.
Therapeutic community pioneers and depth educators Dennie Briggs and Rod Odgers
join us inspirationally from the San Francisco Bay area.