mydonatePETiTATHON #03: January 2013


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During October, as part of our unprecedented attempt to raise £50,000 during 2012-2013,  we embarked on the PETTATHON - an intense and furiously busy fortnight during which we added a substantial amount of new material to this website each and every day: showcasing the work, the research resources and the outside activities to which the Trust has contributed such an immense amount of time, energy and its own financial resources since 1966 - in order to support the field of therapeutic treatment and care, and those who are inolved in it - the Carers, the Cared-fors, and friends and families.

During PETTATHON the Team created 71 new webpages, to which were uploaded 4 videos, 5 digital stories and 181 images (phew: That's a lot of scanning, writing, editing...). But it was worth it: The website received 610 New Visits - first time visits - with an average of over 3,088 page views per week! We learned more about our own work, and realised just how much we've done: Too much to fit into two small weeks! Hence the ongoing, last-Friday of the month, PETiTATHONS...

Why is this so Important?

As many of you will know, our activity in support of therapeutic environments, in all its various forms, makes little to no money in itself. But you also know that it is of tremendous value and importance. In order to establish financial sustainability and to keep doing and growing what we do, our first annual fundraising mini-marathon appeal raised over £7000.

Every donation makes an invaluable difference to the Trust, and ensures that the work can continue.  You've seen in the PETTATHON pages something of the work we do. For an idea of how your generous gift can be specifically targetted visit the "Sponsor a..." page and you'll see exactly why this ongoingcampaign is so vital.

Making a donation is easy via our online BT My Donate page - simply click here - and give!  If you would prefer to send a cheque, please make it payable to The Planned Environment Therapy Trust (or just P.E.T.T.) , and send to:

Planned Environment Therapy Trust, Church Lane, Toddington, Gloucestershire, GL54 5DQ

Thank you! We hope you enjoyed the PETTATHON! And keep tuned for the next PETiTATHON!