...Important Work and A Good Time Together



In contrast to much of the world over recent months where people and groups are seeking distances, separations and conflicts at many levels, over 25 longstanding Friends, supporters and Trustees gathered together to mark the Trust’s 50th Anniversary [with Cake!]. It was by unanimous assent a full, thoughtful and useful occasion as we celebrated by looking forward towards the next 50 years.



Thank you to everyone who made the journey across always busy roads and rails on a Friday in the summer and participated so positively in the proceedings of the day. Many thanks as well to the many who, while unable to join us for the occasion, sent warm wishes for a successful day and were truly with us in spirit and in our minds.



Insofar as the day was so rich in reflections, conversations and ideas, we at PETT are still digesting much of what had been discussed, enquired about and suggested as pathways to follow towards 2066. Above all people were keen themselves to endorse the Trustees’ own determination to ensure that our site and facilities remain available for use by those who value its particular, and often powerfully evocative, environment for and atmosphere of Reflection and that the Archive continues as both, what David Millard called, a “safe deposit” for histories and stories of therapeutic communities, its peoples and environments and a rich resource to be mined by those who have experienced and/or see the healthy and healing power of planned environments as a way of living, learning, changing and growing at any stage across the lifespan.



Many other things were discussed as ways to ensure our, paraphrasing Winnicott, “continuity of going on being, being available and doing”. So as not to lose such important ideas and proposals, and indeed to ensure taking them forward, a Working Party/Forum has been established whose membership includes some Trustees, PETT staff and at least 6 of our PETT Connected Friends and supporters. It will be coordinated by Fiona Talwar – Lomberg, who has been assisting us plan our way forward, and its Terms of Reference are nearly complete. We shall share them soon.



We want and intend to build upon what has been widely agreed to have been a very successful day. So watch this space. And again, many thanks to our wonderful network of Friends who hold us in mind, keep us alert to opportunities and are always supportive. We model to the wider world a vital message – when things are going well, stay close; when times are difficult or even dangerous, get closer still. We shall continue to follow that perspective together. Be well.



Rich Rollinson


Executive Director