'Arborescent Flora', a map of the living grounds of Shotton Hall School in Shropshire, was created by Danny Beath in 1975 during his time as a child there. During a visit to PETT in 2011, as part of the "Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children" project, Danny recorded the story of the map and memories of his time at Shotton. On his next visit he presented us with a framed print of the map which now hangs in the Archive and Study Centre.


Press play to hear an excerpt of Danny's audio





Danny was well known for punctuating his stories with life-like sound effects.  In this story about a lawnmower derby, he recalls how he lost the school's ride on mower and the unlikely circumstances when, years later, he found out what became of it.



Danny died suddenly and unexpectedly earlier this month (January 2013).  His early interest in botany had led to a PhD in Ecology which saw him travel the world, and also influenced his work as an award-winning photographer. Self-taught, he won the Sunday Times Magazine's Choice award in the Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition last November. He also worked with young people with autism and aspergers.  We first met Danny when he visited PETT as part of a Shotton Hall event during our 'Other People's Children' project (he appears here, in photographs from the project); and he returned several times, bringing enormous life, energy and enthusiasm. We were shocked and saddened by his death: He was always such an engaging presence and we feel very lucky to have spent some time with, and had our lives changed by, him.