Hawkspur Camp was sited off a country road on a steep slope leading down ultimately to a stream. On the track at the top of the hill was the Camp Office, a two-story wooden chalet-type building

designed by Arthur Barron, and here graced by a group of visiting Cambridge students.As you came down the hill from the Camp Office

you came into the camp quad, with cook and wash houses on the left and accommodation along the bottom. The long building on the right, seen in closer detail in the photograph below, was the main bunk and meeting/activities house,

built, as all of the buildings were, by the camp staff and residents, student helpers and Grith Fyrd volunteers.

One of the home-built cook or wash houses.

Members of the Q-Camps Committee, Hawkspur Camp staff, and residents, circa 1937

Q Camps staff, committee members, friends, and residents outside one of the home-built buildings.


The Quad in winter.