Monday 17th December 2018


Dear Friends,

As you already know the Planned Environment Therapy Trust will be formally closing its doors this week and transferring all assets and responsibilities to The Mulberry Bush Organisation. At this time of new beginnings, we wish to recognise the incredible journey that brings us here.

PETT's last newsletter, edited by Craig, expressed so much that we wish to say, and again we thank him for his enduring dedication to developing the PETT Archive and Study Centre. We will forever value the friendship and service he has offered to all over many decades with the Trust.

PETT’s achievements over that last 52 years owe much to the team effort, played not only by our Trustees and the latest team of Craig, Maureen, Jo Jen, Debra, Vicky, Stephanie and Arlene, but also as a reflection of all that our users have contributed to the work of the PETT, its Archive and its Conference Centre. We thank you all for your commitment and support for the work of PETT and we hope you will continue to play an active role in the future with The Mulberry Bush Third Space (MB3).

For PETT's Trustees: We would also like to recognise and thank Fiona for all that she has done to steer the Transition Project through to such a positive outcome. We are pleased, and relieved, that the possibility for continued involvement with the archive and site has been achieved through the transfer to the Mulberry Bush; and are confident that the future holds great opportunity to further develop the archive and associated services to many different communities through learning from our past experiences and building on our many achievements. For MBO's Trustees: We are looking forward to supporting and realising these immense possibilities.

If you haven’t already joined the new Mulberry Bush/MB3 mailing list, please do so here, and the Mulberry Bush will be in touch again in the New Year.

At this time of year, we also want to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful 2019; and for the years to come as well.

With best wishes and thanks from both our charities,

The Trustees

The Planned Environment
Therapy Trust

The Trustees

The Mulberry Bush

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