If you're coming to the "Celebrating Us" event on November 24 (remembering that you are the "Us" of which PETT is a part) here's an update:

Talking starts at 11.00 a.m. sharp. (It has to be sharp, because one of the Us who has already come forward to say something has to be away by 11.30!)

So, there will certainly be coffee and tea ready by 10.30, and people to say hello to before that. Many people and many cars are expected, so build parking time into your time.

Parking will be guided. At least one of Us will be outside helping/guiding.

We will be gathering in a heated marquee, on the old pool between the Barns House accommodation building, and the offices and Archive. Build in time for the steps and walking.

Lunch at 12.45. Vicky and her team are preparing even as we speak. After lunch, which is up in the main building, we will gather again in the marquee for more sharing.

We will end the formal gathering at 4.00 p.m. But no one will be rushed away, and a number of people are staying the night. And there will be cake.

Where is it all being held? But where else -
Planned Environment Therapy Trust
Church Lane
GL54 5DQ

Questions en route or on the day: 01242 621200

And there will be two Memory/Thoughtful Reflection Books around. Build in time to fill those in as well. We also hope to record the proceedings, as per tradition.

Thankyou and looking forward to seeing you!