19 November 2018


Goodbye, Sheila, and thankyou

sheila gatiss goodbye

The great tithe barn where the celebration for Sheila's life was held.
Conversations over, and everyone gone.



sheila gatiss 2018 046 01



Sheila's mindmap, circa 1999

sheila gatiss 2018 046 01 01

On the back:

"We didn't feel able to sum up all the different areas
of Mum's life - there were so many of them.
But Mum being Mum, she did one earlier!
It's not comprehensive and dates back to around
1999 but gives a feel of some of the strands in her life
and reminds us of the way she worked and that

beautiful handwriting!
This mindmap was prepared by Mum when a few
women in management formed
'Quaker Women in Management'"



And a final gift: A book from her library for the Archive and Study Centre Library

sheila gatiss 2018 046 02


Thankyou, for a life well lived, and for including the Planned Environment Therapy Trust in it.