June 13, 2018

Dear Friends,

I am writing to update you on the progress for the Planned Environment Therapy Trust since we last met with many of you at the Mulberry Bush School in November last year. We were grateful for all your inputs to that day, whether in person, or through other communication ahead or after the event.

We noted on the day a number of questions, concerns or issues in relation to the proposed closing down of the Trust, and of the proposal to transfer the PETT Archive and Study Centre to the Mulberry Bush Organisation, where it would form part of the Mulberry Bush's planned, new Learning and Research Centre.

Many of you spoke of the importance of carrying on the legacy of PETT, for example by retaining its name in some way; there was recognition that ‘new blood’ is necessary to protect the Archives and prevent their loss from our national heritage, as well as  great recognihouse from field2tion of all that Craig and PETT have achieved with your help in establishing an award-winning and  internationally known Archive; we heard of the need to establish trust between all parties in order to achieve the strongest chances of success; and it was asked that PETT Trustees explore how the future setup of the Archive within the Mulberry Bush Learning and Research Centre might be structured in such a way that  PETT retained   its independence.

While we continue to negotiate with the Mulberry Bush Organisation, and are exploring all options regarding a future way forward with them, Trustees have also been working to respond to the questions, concerns, and  issues many of you have raised in relation to current plans to secure the PETT Archive for the future. This work has taken time, and we find new challenges arise as we seek to address current ones.

However, we are heartened by the continued offers of help. Building on that interest and support, we have invited a number of individuals, members of groups and organisations who have been actively proposing alternative ways forward for PETT, to meet with a number of PETT Trustees and members of the team  in Toddington on 29th June 2018.

We hope that in this meeting, all involved will bring a fresh approach to the challenges facing PETT. A key item for discussion within the meeting will be to fairly appraise the true potential of all options - to meet the charitable objectives of PETT within the context of its current situation, and its capability to find the funds and resources necessary for any future developments.

If you have not received an invitation to this meeting, but feel that you are able and would like to bring forward  a credible business proposal for PETT and its onward financial security and growth, then please do contact our Transition Project Manager Fiona Talwar-Lomberg (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further information. We have limited spaces, so please do contact Fiona by June 22nd 2018 at the latest if you are interested in taking part.

I will write to you again following that meeting to keep you updated of our progress.

Kind regards,

Rosemary Lilley,

Chair of Trustees, writing on behalf of PETT Trustees