Turn your sound up for this. Standing still at the top of the road leading into Toddington, a few minutes walk from work:

And the 45 minutes before, on a hot (in England!) morning. In the distance - that's a heat haze:

walk2018 05 08 01


Fortunately the footpath goes through an old hedge, which opens up like a grotto, and is a place to stop in the shade

walk2018 05 08 02

Within the grotto, left

walk2018 05 08 03

and right.

walk2018 05 08 04


And later, another hedge, and a gate:

walk2018 05 08 05

walk2018 05 08 06


And the walk home in the evening isn't so bad either, and considerably milder, with traditional elements of rain.

walk2018 05 08 07