On Saturday, 14 April 2018, The Trustees and team of PETT invite people to join us for the day to remember John and honour and celebrate his long life of service for others. Many who knew John and were touched by what he said and did will recognise the intentional avoidance of the word “work”. John was always clear; he never had a job. Whatever he did was not work; it was a way of living – a way that gave living expression to his understanding of the term planned environment therapy.


As we know, John himself would have resisted any event that simply eulogised him. So, while there will be an honouring of the man himself on the day, in no small part our focus will be on planned environment therapy, that was so close to his heart and that he worked so hard to explore and practice, demonstrate and articulate over the course of his life.

Therefore, our invitation to those who attend is to reflect upon the John you knew in and across the many organisations and areas in which he was involved, capture your memories of him and how he affected you, and then try to connect that experience/memory with the principles and practice of planned environment therapy. Our gathering of these reflections and connections will prove to be valuable in themselves and a most fitting tribute to John himself.


A fuller programme for the day will be circulated closer to the occasion. For now we can say that coffee/tea will be available from 10:30 AM on 14 April 2018. There will be a series of communications and spaces for sharing our reflections about John and his life of service before and after a lunch. Then in a very familiar PETT way, at 3:30PM there will be tea and cake and an opportunity for more informal communications between and amongst participants before departing.


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for this occasion. There are still some rooms available for those who might wish to stay over the night before. And of course there is space on the field for the more intrepid amongst us to camp out if they wished. Please do email or phone to advise us of your intention to attend and to request/secure a room if one is available.


Phone: 01242621200

Email: Trust (at) pettrust.org.uk