Soon after PETT's all-new accommodation and archive facilities opened in 2002, there was a meeting at PETT of the Joint Newsletter editorial group: Kevin Healy (Director of the Cassel Hospital), who was editor for the Association of Therapeutic Communities; Chris Nicholson (of Jacques Hall), who was editor for the Charterhouse Group of Therapeutic Communities, and Craig Fees, who was editor for PETT. Kevin and Chris wrote a note afterwards for the Joint Newsletter:




We (Chris Nicolson and Kevin Healy) recently visited Craig Fees at the Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre in Church Lane, Toddington, near Cheltenham to work on putting this newsletter together for your information and enjoyment. We felt very welcomed by Craig and all we met from the Planned Environment Therapy Trust. The facilities were ideal for our editorial conference. The main building is warm, comfortable and interesting. The new purpose-built accommodation units also felt warm and welcoming, whether as a single visitor or when visiting with family.


The archives themselves are mind-boggling and are a very real anchor in a rather anarchic field. Knowledge has often been equated with power. To be in the centre of such knowledge did generate many powerful feelings in us.


The staff of the Planned Environment Therapy Trust were at pains to point out that this resource belongs to everybody in the field. It can be used as a training centre during the week or at weekends by related organisations at very reasonable cost. We each longed at times to be working as a researcher, perhaps spending weeks in such a lovely setting while investigating particular topics that are archived there (we noted the book called ''Oliver, untwisted'' and felt the urge to delve into this clear title).


Craig and the Planned Environment Therapy Trust are perhaps too modest to sing their own praises. Hence Chris and I would like to do so loudly in this Newsletter. Why not think of this lovely environment for your next away day, training event or small conference.


Chris Nicolson

Kevin Healy


4 March , 2002.