Would you like to buy this book? The first print run has been sold out, and the author is wondering whether to print again. Read on...



According to a recent review, Charles Bevan's Monkton Wyld School: The history of a progressive school in Dorset, 1940-1982 " takes you through the history of the school; you'll get to learn about the founders, teachers and hear some really interesting reminiscences of some of its earliest pupils."

The author:

"Charles Bevan spent his early childhood in Nigeria. In 1958 at the age of 11 he was sent back to school in England. It took him quite a while to adapt to life in England, and sadly his scholastic acheivement at MWS left much to be desired, so his parents moved him after three years to a school with more traditional teaching...

"Charles never forgot his years at MWS, and despite the relatively short time he spent there is certain that many of the values he holds dear to this day were instilled into him there. Writing this short history has been a way of putting this on record, and saying thank you to the founders of the school. He hopes that in doing so he also speaks for many of his fellow ex-students."


If you are interested in the book, and would like to encourage a second print run, please email Mr. Bevan using the following email address:

monktonwyldbook(at)pettrust.org.uk  [substituting @ for (at)]

(PETT is not involved in the publication, but is providing a forwarding email address as part of its long tradition of support for research and for sharing  the history and heritage of this too-ephemeral field].


If there is enough interest, Mr. Bevan will feel able to go into a second print run.


The cost of the book the first time around was £21.95.