PETT Archivist Craig Fees writes: "Today I celebrate Ian Milne and all the Ian Milnes of the world who love in their time and create doors of love to be opened when needed and when the future is ready to open them."


The explanatory note below is from the Therapeutic Community Open Forum website

Ian Milne, 14th February 2006 Henderson Hospital 1970morning 11 11 2016 2

I remember Stuart Whiteley coming into the Community Meeting at the Henderson saying "some guy called Leonard Cohen wanted to come and sing for the community".

Stuart obviously did not realise the significance of this, and neither did I because I recorded it and stored it under the stairs for years. Only last year did I rescue it and gave a copy to the PETT archives. It is not for public release but if you visit the archives Craig might just play it to review its quality.

Leonard Cohen was very excited the day before the Isle of Wight Concert and sang songs which were not recorded until a few years after. He was happy and sang happily "Songs to live to". He also told us the story of each song. Ian Milne


"I really want to say that this is the audience that we have been looking for, and I never felt so good playing for people"

(Leonard Cohen after "Famous Blue Raincoat", the closing song of the event).




Please note: For standard copyright reasons these recordings can't be released or published, although they can be made available onsite for individual study. It is also worth noting that Ian Milne, a nurse at the Henderson Hospital, asked Mr. Cohen's permission before making his recording, and that Mr. Milne owns coyright in the recording as such.


Photograph: Morning of 11 November 2016