...to our PETT Friends and supporters on the occasion of our 50thAnniversary year - 2016


Dear Friends,


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I would like to invite you to come and meet at 11am on Friday 15th July, to reflect on all we have achieved, think with us about the future, and enjoy lunch while you are with us.


As we progress through our 50th Anniversary year we want to bring our friends and supporters together to share where and how we can go from here into our next 50 years – identifying and discussing the current challenges and the potential opportunities we face. The former can feel sometimes daunting; the latter often exciting and full of hope. And that’s before we begin to consider options you will have thought of and may wish to propose as a key part of PETT’s continuing commitment to the field we all have long supported, contributed to and benefitted from.


It is always heartwarming for us that so many of our supporters and Friends continue to take an active interest and involvement with what we try to do at PETT, not least in terms of preserving and developing the Archive and gathering together to think and reflect upon what we have learned - especially about making a difference with and for those who have struggled at times with serious emotional difficulties across the entire life span. Together we have captured and shared many wonderful experiences and the rich inheritance that Therapeutic Community and Progressive Education approaches have bequeathed to us, to residential therapeutic care, education and treatment and to planned environment therapy, all of which PETT still stands for and supports today.


It would, therefore, be our great honour to welcome as many of you as possible to join us on Friday, 15 July, here at our Toddington site, to meet and consider, discuss and reflect upon the What and How for PETT’s next 50 years.


On a first-come first-served basis people are welcome to come the day/evening before and stay over in the accomodation as our guests (for no charge), or to camp on the site. (We currently have 13 double bedrooms available, with one or two other indoor spaces available for the adventurous. Unfortunately, because we have a group coming in early on Saturday morning, we can't invite people to stay on the Friday night itself). We shall be providing lunch on the day, and tea/cofee will be available throughout. Donations, of course, are always welcome.


Please do let me know by no later than Friday 7th July if you are able to join us.

To RSVP or for more details:

Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or phone the office at 01242 621200.


Looking forward to seeing, hearing and speaking with you,

Richard Rollinson, Director

on behalf of PETT Trustees and staff