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Emma Weinstein (suggested by Pauline Weinstein, long-standing friend and supporter of PETT. Relationship: Mother)


Hi everyone, 


This is an urgent call out for you to please share this request in order for the refugees in alais to have access to basic needs! We are really struggling here at the warehouse with a lack of donations coming through. This means that whilst residents of the Calais camp are being forcibly removed from their homes, unable to collect any items of clothing before their home is demolished, we are concerned we can not provide them with the items they desperately need. 


The most urgently needed items in light of the current emergency are:

  • money (
    • foil blankets
      • thick blankets
        • roll mats
          • sleeping bags
            • fire extinguishers (!!!!)
              • tents
                • saline solution (in small squirty bottles)
                  • 130 litre strong bin bags
                    • mens gloves
                      • fire extinguishers
                        • backpacks (small for grab bags and large for possessions)
                          • dried fruit and nuts

Please prioritise these items above all other. However, the situation means we also need:

  • survival bags
    • torches
      • soap
        • toothpaste
          • toilet roll
            • water
              • mens small and medium joggers
                • men’s small and medium waterproof trousers
                  • thick socks
                    • 41, 42,43 trainers

The address to send any donations to is 56 Rue Clement Ader, Calais, 62100, France. 


Here is a link to the UN document where it states the refugee crisis that we are currently facing is a result of the collective actions of our European Governments. 


Thank you!