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Ellie Rossi (suggested by Simon Rossi, maintenance, grounds, refurbishment at PETT. Relationship: Uncle)
Studying Psychology and Neuroscience at university

I’ve secured a place with SLVolunteers to make a positive impact in the local community in Sri Lanka. The focus is on the benefit to the service users, not on a holiday experience.
I’ll be working at a psychiatric facility and a rehabilitation centre, giving me hands-on work with individuals suffering with mental health issues in Sri Lanka. The work is heavy and intense, so getting to experience the other projects gives you the chance to use your skills in other areas and really apply your knowledge in a less traditional way. I will also take part in Youth Teaching, Children’s Teaching and working on projects with people with special needs.
These projects take place in a clinical setting or in the community. I’ll have to get creative and really think about how best to help individuals who are all at varying stages in their recovery. It is such a valuable experience for myself to further my career aspects and gain relevant experience but it also really benefits the local community and I hope I can help people as much as possible.
Needed: £1,500  Raised: £950.00  [6 February 2016]

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