Alongside the squeak of the Archive office chair and the tippy-tippy-tapping of the computer keyboard, the Marantz's internal microphones, set out on a desk nearby, pick up the unmistakeable sounds of progress being made on the radical renewal of the accommodation rooms upstairs. Floor coverings from the 70s are up; new carpets are down; an exciting new bathroom and kitchen are in: major refurbishment is in progress. Check in on Day Two for pictures of the massive amount of work that Simon has been doing over the past two years, and donate to give it your support!



What do archivists do all day? We enjoy the sound of the future being made!



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1. 'Planned Environment Therapy Trust: its origins and "those others" and about learning from success'. By Marjorie Franklin. (1971)

2. Oral History: Dr. Peter Holmes, recorded January 10, 2006

3. Where we live: Toddington, in Gloucestershire

4. Puzzles: Crowdsourcing Constance Masefield's handwriting

5. What do archivists do all day?

6. Craig Fees, "Getting it Right, Getting it Wrong..." (2013)