"Did you used to be" - Background to this site, for context nerds

The Archive and Study Centre section of the website began life in early 1997 as, a portal to the Trust (founded 1966) and the Archive and Study Centre (founded 1989).
The first sampling by the Internet Archive in December 1998 shows an ambitious, engaged and interactive site, lovingly constructed in Web 1.0 html and straining for the possibilities liberated much later by Web 2.0. In that preserved 1998 site we see announced the new publication of David Kennard's "An Introduction to Therapeutic Communities" by Jessica Kingsley, the award of a £5000 grant to Dr. John Hopton for research on therapeutic communities, the launch of the Association of Therapeutic Communities website. Indeed, the website as it was then, and remained for many years, was the birthing place for the websites of a number of therapeutic communities and organisations, ultimately spun-off from their hosting into independent sites, as the world around us gradually evolved into the Internet-redolent work and play space which is now everyday and familiar. The Trust site itself began life as a subdomain of in this way. For an account of this contribution of the Archive and Study Centre to the work of therapeutic environments, archives and oral history, please see here.
In a rapidly changing world, in which the energies of the Archive and the Trust were poured into developing the new Wiki-based websites of the Therapeutic Community Open Forum and the Trust itself, and then the Institute for the History and Work of Therapeutic Environments, remained in straightforward html.  When open-access CMS/database-driven websites burst onto the world, our energies went into converting the PETT website and creating the new Child Care History Network and 'Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children' websites. The old mothership,, remained in static html: labour-intensive, difficult to develop, standing almost still in the immense vastness of racing Internet space.
By manually translating it into Joomla! 3 during the course of February and March 2014, we completed one phase of its evolution. Cat Stevens' song "Miles from Nowhere" comes to mind: "Lord my body has been a good friend". As it accomplished a great deal, and its adventurous life and contribution deserves to be celebrated. As the the Joonla 3! stand-alone Resource Site for the Planned Environment Therapy Trust and the Archive and Study Centre, it was liberated to accomplish a great deal more. 
A further step in opening up and integrating the original Archive and Study Centre website with the PETT website was taken in February and March 2015, when the contents of the separate Joomla! 3 Resource Site installation were manually integrated into the PETT Joomla 3!, with a radical re-structuring to clarify and make adding new content more straightforward and accessible. At this point the old Resource Site Joomla 3!, the direct descendant of, accessed as, was mothballed.